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Treatment Pump Boston Round BottleTreatment Pump Boston Round Bottle

Fine Mist Spray Boston Round Bottles

Our boston round bottles equipped with our fine mist sprayers are versatile and perfect for travel, gym or home use. Our fine mist spray closures are available in standard black and white options, as well as gold or silver metal overshell styles, or silver aluminum metal, all include a tight sealed clear overcap. Boston round bottles are available in colors of amber, cobalt blue, clear, purple, green, and more, to block harmful UV rays that may damage your product when stashed away – keeping your product fresher, longer!

Fine Mist Spray Closures for BottlesFine Mist Spray Closures for Bottles

Fine Mist Spray Closure

Fine mist spray closures are great at dispelling low viscosity liquids, such as toners, essence, water cleansers and any beauty product needed to produce an even fine mist spray. Sprayers also include a clear plastic snap on overcap to ensure your products do not leak or spill out during travel and transit.

***Image Reflects Available Options, See Above for Color Specific to Listing***

Boston Round Bottle for Fine Mist SprayerBoston Round Bottle for Fine Mist Sprayer

Boston Round Bottle Base

The boston round bottle features a cylindrical shape, short curved shoulders, and is handle-less. The top of the bottle is threaded to fit screw type caps that are designed to fit to each bottle of various sizes. Bottle colors are available in frosted and non frosted options which include Amber, Cobalt Blue, Clear, White, Green, and more.

***Image Reflects Available Options, See Above for Color Specific to Listing***

Boston Round Fine Mist Spray BottleBoston Round Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Choosing the Right Bottle

The Bottle Base

If you are bottling light-sensitive products, avoid clear non-colored bottles. Opal, Amber, and Cobalt Blue bottles are best for blocking UV. Clear non-colored bottles however, allow for better visibility of your product. Frosted bottles have better UV blocking ability than clear options.

The Fine Mist Sprayer

The sprayer is currently available in white, black, gold, and silver. They are designed to spray a fine mist to apply the product more evenly upon contact. The fine mist sprayers also come with a clear cap to seal the product from leaking during travel or transit.


Refillable Glass and Plastic Bottles

Various Colors Fine Mist Sprayers

Frosted and Non Frosted Bottles Available

Even Fine Mist like Spray

Measurements: Height – 5.62″ x Diameter – 1.92″.
Our amber glass bottles are made of true dark brown amber glass (never painted or treated) and are perfect for storing product (such as essential oils) which are sensitive to degradation from light.
Dark amber glass lends a professional upscale, apothecary aesthetic to your counter top.
Refillable bottles are easy to clean, reuse, and recycle. Dishwasher safe (bottle only, hand wash closure separately).
Fine mist spray top closure also includes a clear plastic snap on overcap.


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